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The cozy house is filled with a thousand little things that give it a lived-out appearance. A toy forgotten by children, grandmother’s slippers lying under the table, broken glasses in a vase with candy, the key to the garage on the kitchen table – these are the things that are associated, of course, most often with a mess, and make up the atmosphere of the house, cozy. Of course, it can be achieved in a different way – without neglecting the scattered children here and there with toys, for example, to tie the tablecloth with their own hands. This project is not for one day, not for two and not for a week. A hand-made openwork tablecloth is created in weeks, and then months. The work is not fast, often laborious and delicate. However, if you invest in it, if you find the strength in yourself and allocate time for it, you will be grateful to yourself for having tied the tablecloth with your own hands.el örgüleri, 2020 en güzel masa örtüsü, el yapımı masa örtüleri, el yapımı örgüler, tv ünitesi örgü gelin örgü,damat örgü

How to tie a tablecloth with your own hands – 5 main classe 1. Openwork cloth with your own handsOpenwork things – a special mood in this house. It is lightness, elegance and delicacy. On this family tea drinking table, water and tea bags are not boiling, but fragrances and magic when no biscuits and lemonade are offered to guests, but you do not want to hold your breath and scare the moment when homemade cakes and tasteful and happy drinks hide simple too many miracles. how to tie a tablecloth with your own hands – a video lesson from NotikaLand crochet and knitting2. A simple round tablecloth with your own hands, simple things are often hidden in a lot of charm as you wish – all complex, ambitious, bulky design and mega stylish simplicity are changed! Of course, not all of them work, but there are things you can do. A simple knitted tablecloth is about the charm that fills everyday life with bright colors. How to tie a single round tablecloth with your own hands – master class from vinniscolourspattern
3. Festive tablecloth with own hands

Of course, we should strive to ensure that every day was a holiday and filled with happiness and a spray of joy. Worth it. However, even if we understand correctly postulates head, still out of habit divide things for everyday and holidays, and on weekdays skaterti- and solemn. Whether it’s bad, whether it’s good – decide later, and while in between, tie a beautiful festive tablecloth.hand knitting, 2020 the most beautiful tablecloth, handmade tablecloths, handmade knitting, tv unit knitting bride knitting, groom knitting
How to tie a festive tablecloth with your own hands – masterclass from bloglovin
4. Knitted tablecloth on the table

The tablecloth on the table is, of course, extra effort and an extra headache: it is much easier to rub the surface of the table after dinner than to change tablecloths daily, wash them, iron them. However, the extra headache is more than compensated by the joy that appears in the shower at the sight of a beautiful table covered with a beautiful needlework tablecloth.
Beautiful knitted tablecloth from Crochetkingdom
5. Beautiful knitted tablecloth

Beautiful things are those that you want to pass from generation to generation, which are filled with the spirit of family and succession, which are overgrown with legends, funny stories, which are told at a common table. These are the things that are not knit in one week, but are created by painstaking labor for months. Do you need such a tablecloth?

How to tie a tablecloth with your own hands – master-class from Easy-crochet-pattern