Kudottuja peitto – #Kudottuja #peitto #strickmusterlochmuster


Kudottuja peitto – #Kudottuja #peitto #strickmusterlochmuster Kudottuja peitto – #Kudottuja #peitto

WOVEN WORK (snooze blanket)
I finally finished another quilt for the twins born. One is covered with úerinde with such a purple and the other becomes blue-green. Both bibs have a blue fleece fabric in the background. A few patches without finished made üerinde second quilt, but it happened so that the thread ran out on Sunday properly like this. So you should always check the yarn situation and you do not rely on “good” memory, still in the closet úerinde, who told me that the yarn.

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Daha fazla thus becomes a birthday present for my friends for the twins born in Piyano.

Yarn with seven brothers and between them a cotton cloth and a polar Tuderinde in the background.
N. Size Blanket size 60cm * 65cm


And a close-up of the edge where the tuner border:


My eternity project was completed. 100% wool blanket to sleep. What I weave now if I want to do something easy and something that has already started. I have to come up with a new eternity project. The house would be nice … Maybe something to weave. The yarn was some color from a local yarn store. So there are a few lighter areas on the cover at a few points. However, not disturbing. And the yarn was half the normal price, so I dare to buy enough new yarn for the quilt.

Örgü desenleri, Baby knitting patterns

Baby woven blanket
Well, now we have an expected baby – the hustle and bustle probably starts with a full hustle and bustle and the kids keep asking “Why is that baby really being born?” Well, it’s only four weeks from the calculated time, so it’s time to start preparing to get a newcomer. Today’s program includes preparing the baby’s bed because I got a day mattress that I woven for the baby.

Since both of our children have had a woven bedspread that has been in heavy use, the newest entrant must also be available. It started with the fact that in the fall I found Prisma in the basement basket with a wonderfully colored and felted blanket. The color of the yarn is mainly something light mint green. We had to end up in a neutral color because we still don’t know what gender our little one is, despite several cucumbers, and no beige or natural light was available this time. Well, it didn’t bother me, I think this green was a really beautiful color.

The yarn is 50% cotton and 50% acrylic from the Red Heart Sun brand and feels absolutely wonderfully soft. Hope to withstand heavy use as well, time will tell. Namely, my older children also take their blankets for games, build cottages, for example, use these blankets as a tablecloth and water feature in addition to the original use. I also think of storing every child’s blanket as a keepsake until they are bigger and maybe have your own children.

I chose the overlay pattern from the lovely baby knit patterns by Drops Design and modified it a bit by replacing the “hole layers” with a regular knit because I didn’t want such a hard canvas. The original pattern can be found here DROPS Baby 21-37 “Knitted DROPS bag in pattern” Merino Extra Fine “and was very easy to make.