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Unique Two Colour Knitting Design ||

It can be a very fun, relaxing and creative way to express our knitted energy.

We start with the basics, we teach our muscles to hold the needles and thread, and, like any new craft or exercise, we get better with practice.

And then we reach a point where our little creative elf started telling us:

That’s why we enter textures, cables, laces and all sorts of more complex patterns. Learn how to use lines of life, how to keep counting your counters in rows, how to read graphics and other interesting knitting wonders.

Some of us may be adventurous enough to find a way to translate Russian patterns (yes, this is me and you can find someone HERE).

One of the best and more fun ways to play with Knitting Design is color. I go beyond grays and coffees. Applying our personality to a new knit canvas.

Mitten pattern from Kretido blog. Love the colour combination Örgü Ilmekleri, Ücretsiz Örgü, Ücretsiz Patron, Bere Modelleri, Booties Crochet, Eldiven, Ayakkabılar, El Sanatı, Fikirler

Initially, you might want to use ‘good-going’ colors in most of your clothes: blacks, brownes, neutrals. These are really great for the parts you use regularly. But maybe you’re ready to go in color now.

With its incredible range of colors outside, you need to have all kinds of authentic palettes you can create.

Vilasinee Bunnag, the inventor of Loome Tools and the author of the Loome Party and the invited contributor, gives us great ideas to think about color:

Mixing and highlighting colors is one of the pleasures of knitting, crochet, pom pom making or any kind of craft in this regard. Using multiple colors really transforms a project and brings out the best features of your piece. Since I work with colors every day, I have a simple thumb rule that takes me out of my own color block (pun) every time. I take one of three formulas: Monochrome, BPN and Nature. If I want to do something more unique or push my own limitations, I refer to the color theory section of the Loome Party book

Knitting Stitch Patterns
When you knit baby sweaters, scarves, gloves, socks, hats and sportswear, two-color knitting pattern or multi-colored knitting patterns are indispensable. Unusually bright, colorful products.
Motley motifs allow you to use small thread residues, not only different widths of alternative ribbons, but beautiful and unusual ties.
Nowadays, you can achieve amazing results by combining high quality wool yarn with coarse linen, bright band-like silk and fluffy in a wide variety of yarns and working on the contrast of color and texture yarn.

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